It's not your fault.

It?s not your fault.
I don`t blame you.
you changed a lot
And that is true.
But here is the thing,

I changed too.
In my own way
and not like you.

It?s not your fault,
I don?t blame you,
We grow apart like people do.
That who ones used to be us two,
Is now defined as me and you.

It?s not your fault,
I don?t blame you
But if you ever look up at the sky so blue,
Remembering what we used to do.
But here is some words that is meant for you,
If u ever blame me for what I did do
Try walk a mile in my shoe.
Bare et random bilde for beste min har sy sykt fine yne!

Quotes #4

I miss your smile, but I miss mine more

♣ Sometimes you have to stand alone just to prove that you are still standing

♣ The dreames that matters are is those you have when you are awake

♣ I wish I could go back and tell myself everything I know now

♣ Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

♣ To avoid criticism; Do noting, say noting and be noting

♣ All children are artists, the problem it to remain one once we grow up.

♣ By the time you realise that you are loosing me I'm already long gone.

I hate when I'm trying to sleep and my brain is like, "You know what`s a great movie? Paranormal activity...

♣ There are two sertain things in life, 1. We won't survive life 2, God wil always be there and he wil always forgive you, np matter what.




It doesn?t matter when you joined

the game,

if you know how

to play

Hvordan tolker du dette?


Quotes: Life.

♣ Have a good life, I'm done trying to be in it.

♣ Don't judge me by my past, I don't live there anymore.

♣ In life you are gonna be hurt, you just have to figure out whos worth the pain.

♣ People change, things go wrong, Shit happens, but remember life goes on.

♣ Everything in life is temporary so if thing go well enyoy it cause it woun't last forever, And if things go bad, dont worry cause it woun't last forever either.

♣ Don't take life so seriosely, nobody has survived it.

♣ You don't cry because you are week, you cry because you have been strong fore too long.

♣ Somtimes you just need somone to tell you that everyting is gonna be alright.

♣ When all is hopeless all you can do is pray, when praying dosen't help all you can do is hope, hope that every thing will be like it used to, even when you know it never will.

♣ Disney princess has tought me two things.

One: There will always be a bitch that will do anything to bring you down.

Two: choose the right friends and you will get your "happley ever after".



Quotes: Love.

Hei. I dag har bare vrt max chille dag... utenom litt elevbedrift som starter i morgen.

1. To meet you was faith, to be your friend I chose, But to fall in love with you I had no controll over.

2. He's not perfect, but he's all you want.

3. You don't chose who you fall in love with, thats why its called falling.

4. Hey you idiot thats somehow is stuck in my mind 24/7, take a hint!

5. My head says "Who cares?", but my heart whispers "You do stupid..".

6. You can't blame me! It's not like I choose to fall in love with you"

7. It's a risk to love, what if it dosn't worke out?

Yes, but what if it does?

8. I know he's not right fore me, You don't have to tell me cause it's not your heart that schipps a beat when he's name is mentoned-.-

9. That moment when you realise that you love him!

10. Follow your heart!

N kommer det egentlige sprsmlet...

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Signes that you are falling in love.



Dette er syyk skummeltXD
Tenkte du p noen spessielle?


1. The worlds a bitch... but then again, so am I.

2. I don't like him, I don't like him. I don't like him!..

Yes you do...

I know.

3.I don't hate you, it's just that you turned out to be everything you said you'd never be...

4.Don't cry, just say f*** you and fake a smile.

5. Dear karma, I have a list of peoples you have missed.

6.Be a bitch to me; karma takes care of it. Be a bitch to my friends; I become your karma.

7.Yes the past can hurt, but as I see it you can either run from it or learn from it.

8.which way to chose:

left where nothings right?

Or right where nothings left?

9.Everybody wants happiness, no ones want pain, but you can't make a rainbow without a little rain.

10. Dear brain... shout up, and mind your own buisseniss

- sincinerly Heart.



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